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Women and families in difficult situations need a safe, non-judgmental place to turn. Metroplex Women’s Clinic desires to be that spot. We want to lovingly reach the people of Tarrant County to encourage self-worth and assure them they are not alone.

Through compassionate care, free services, and practical support, we provide physical comfort and share the love of Christ. Everything we do is made possible by the generous contributions of people in our community.

Financial Donations

Through the generous financial giving of our community, we touch the lives of so many. From the woman considering abortion for her unplanned pregnancy to the families facing the surprise of another child, we want to reach everyone. Find out how you can give to save lives.

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Material Donations

A financial donation isn't the only way to help us. We welcome material donations as well. There are several items we regularly need for our clients such as diapers, wipes, and baby clothes. Or, the clinic has administrative needs that you could help provide. Perhaps you would like to volunteer your time! Take a look at the many other ways to give to this ministry.

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Group Projects

Have Fun While Helping Metroplex Women’s Clinic! There are a number of ways to participate in group projects as a way to support this ministry. Pick the one that is right for you, your friends, and your family. Host a Baby Shower Although babies may not be a part of your future, you can still have fun hosting a Baby Shower for the women and babies who come to Metroplex Women’s Clinic for help.

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Our Supporters

Changing lives together…one day at a time. All of our services are free and confidential because of our generous donors. We invite you to be apart of something great and what can be a life-changing moment for a mother. Any support, financially, materially, or by volunteering is greatly appreciated and is used to help a mother, father, or family in need.

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